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1 What is Knights & Snails?
Knights & Snails is a unique turn-based jousting game for mobiles and tablets. It’s for everyone, casual or seasoned, who looks for a game with memorable characters and intriguing strategies. Travel the lands with a team of knights, win jousting tournaments, and find out what happened to the fabled Knights of the Holy Snail.

2 Does the game require an internet connection?
The game is fully playable offline. Play when you want. The game is also great when you get interrupted from time to time, as you can pick it up and jump in very quickly.

3 Is Knights & Snails compatible with my device?
Mobile and tablet owners can play Knights & Snails on the iOS or Android platform. Most devices are supported. If your device is found to be incompatible, please submit a ticket on our Support page so we can investigate.


1 Do I have to just hit the Green in the Joust Meter?
The closer you get to the bright green line (with the green shield next to it) the more powerful the joust. When you get into the green you also get a bonus. The blue areas are neutral and the red ones weaken your Power.

2 What is the orange glow that sometimes appears in a joust?
That’s when you or the opponent land a Critical Hit. There is a small chance that it happens. Only Knights with the attribute can hit critically. For more on Attributes, see below.

3 How do I get more Spells (left screen during jousting)?
Most Champions add a Spell when you field them. You can see which ones are added by tapping the Portrait of a Champion in the Team Manage screen (where you prepare your team). They are shown below in the description. Tap on the icon and see what it does!

4 The attributes are currently not explained outside of the tutorial. Will you add a help for that?
Yes, will we add tooltips for the attributes in a future update. In the meantime, we offer you this reference.

Lance AttributeLance: When you have the Initiative, and the Lance is shown above your team, the Lance determines the Power of your joust. The white number on the Knight's portrait then also reflects the Lance power.
Shield AttributeShield: When you lost the previous joust, and the Shield is shown above your team, your joust Power is determined by the Shield attribute. Then, the numbers on the portraits reflect your Knights Shield values.
Luck AttributeLuck: Up to this number is added to Power per chance during the jousting. If you have for example 3, it could add 0, 1, 2 or 3 to the Jousting Power.
Critical AttributeCritical: There is a small chance to land a critical during the joust. Then this number is added in full to Power.
Valiant AttributeValiant: Joust well (large Power difference) and neighbouring Knights (left, right, above and below) of the winner on your side gain additional Lance Power. How much depends on the Valiant value.
Devastating AttributeDevastating: Joust well (large Power difference) and the opponent Row have their Shield reduced. How much depends on the value of Devastating.
Fear AttributeFear: This is a negative attribute that appears in some circumstances. Up to this number is removed from power during the jousting. Like negative Luck.

5 How do the Moves work?
You have 3 Moves when you manage your team (where you can field Champions), and 3 Moves during the tournament. You can move the Knights in all four directions to a neighbouring place. When the target position is already occupied with another Knight, they will swap positions. This still counts as one Move. To move a Knight, tap, hold down, and drag the Knight to the desired position. When you let go, and drop the Knight, it will count as one Move. The Starter Pack gives you +2 additional Moves in Version 25+ (also retroactively when you already have it).

6 Can you explain Initiative once more?
When you see the Lance at the top of the screen, then all your Knight’s Lance Power counts. The big white number on the Portraits show you how strong they are. You can play any Knight, and the opponent must answer from the Same Row. You can force them, for example, to “throw away” good Knights in Rounds that give few points. The winner of a jousts gets (and keeps) the Initiative. Likewise, the white numbers on the Portrait show you how strong they currently are, however this time, the Shield value is taken. Small icons of Shield or Lance tell you that this Knight is better with Initiative (Lance) or without (Shield).

7 What if a Row is challenged, but I have no Knights there?
In that case you can play any Knight of your team, but they are about 20% weaker. You want to use it for your advantage against your opponent.

8 What are these flying orbs that appear often?
They show special rules from Events, Empty Row, and most often from the special abilities of Champions that change something. The yellow generally means more Power. Red reduces Power. Green has to do with Luck and Purple with Fear. The blue one is used for general purposes. The Crown gives some Knights the opportunity to score more Points.

9What do those little icons on the Portraits mean?
The Lance shows that this Knight will be stronger with Initiative (when the Lance is also shown on the top of the screen). And the little Shield shows that this Knight is stronger when answering a challenge (the opponent has Initiative, and the Shield is shown above their team). A Crown means that this Knight gains extra points due to Events. The clover tells you this Knight might be a bit stronger, because they might have Luck. The cat shows you this Knight might be a bit weaker (also see Attributes).

10 How can I see the Tournament Rules or Events?
Just tap on the flags in the centre top screen. The purple flag with the crown shows you the tournament rules again. The green flag with the horn shows you the Events (if one is active).


1 I lost my progress, what I can do?
We have found a rare bug where this can occur, because the device created several savegames for some reason. Everyone likes more snails and less bugs, so we have already fixed the issue in the upcoming version (Version 25+). With this update, the game will recognize the savegame that is most progressed and it will be restored.


1 What about Player vs Player?
We are open to all kinds of directions. Let us know what you'd like :)

2 What have knights to do with snails?
Knights ands snails are a recurring motive scribbled into the so-called marginalia (page margins) in medieval books. Curiously, nobody knows why. Really.

3 Who are you?
We are Knights Digital, allegedly founded in 1337 by 3 friends and colleagues who worked together before in the games industry. Knights & Snails is our debut title. We hope you enjoy it and allow us to continue creating games. Thanks You!

Knights & Snails

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  • “ Steady on! My lord wishes you to return from whence you came from! ”Sir Sluggard
  • “ If you BREAK my LANCE, I BREAK your HORSE! ”Count Fury
  • “ We are just normal Knights. Relatively speaking. ”You
  • “ Ahright, lass! T'seems to be yer lucky dey. I'll join yer troupe! ”Sir Shamrock
  • “ This is my castle and your pathethic troupe will not pass, I am afraid. ”The Duchess of Gildern