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1 Do you have a press kit?
Welcome! Somebody already made a gameplay video of the tutorial. We also have FAQ for game related questions.

Knights & Snails Cover

And here is our trailer giving you a general idea about the game.

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And here are two gifs. Is it pronounced like “give” or “jiff”? Who knows! Did you know they were already fashionable back in the days of yore, when people rode horses and had AOL email addresses?

Knights & Snails Knights & Snails

2 Who developed this game?
We are Knights Digital, allegedly founded in 1337 by 3 friends and colleagues who worked together before in the games industry. We are a garage company. Without the garage. Knights & Snails is our debut title, we hope will get us started. There are no publishers, no investors, no Kickstarters, and we keep our fingers crossed that we can make it without them. We have worked on larger titles before but love the small do-it-yourself approach. It would be extra cool if you could help us spread the word.

3 On what kind of games did you work before?
Each of us was involved in design, programming or art in many games and genres, MMORPGs, MOBA, FPS for PC. This is our first for mobiles and tablets.

4 Stories. I want stories.
We wanted players to have the option to pick a young woman, man and unknown gender as their avatar. Our game is otherwise filled with diverse characters of all ages and skin colours, even if untypical for a medieval setting. It's meant to be a light-hearted game with an optimistic tone and we wanted it to be inclusive. // Originally, it was designed to be a quick game where you can easily assess the situation, even after you were interrupted. Prototyping was made with simple cue cards, cut to pieces and a die roll that would represent how well you jousted. // The geometric graphic designs of knights' heraldry interested us. Early on, however, the focus moved more towards quirky characters and less formal aesthetics. // The original jousting had a stylized rotoscope aesthetic, influenced by Golden Age Hollywood colour shemes and animations. However, we switched to 3D also for performance and memory reasons. // We believe our game is deeper than typical casual games, yet not as demanding as TCG or RPG-like games. The player has a team of standard Knights, who all wear full helmets. Over the course of the journey, Champions with special abilities join the troupe, who stick out a bit as they typically show their faces, as vain as they are. However, players will not have to manage decks with hundreds of units and learn their abilities. Nonetheless, synergy effects are possible and players can discover some clever combinations. We aren't aware of similar games and still wonder a bit what kind of genre reflects it best. // The next closest relative we are aware of is a traditional German card game called Offiziers-Skat (German). Our designer was inspired by it as he played it always with his father. // Knights and snails appear in the marginalia of medieval books, but nobody knows why. This is actually true. There might be symbolical reasons, or our ancestors found it funny since snails are armoured and quite immobile as well, in particular off the horse. And snails rarely ride horses. But knights do. // Other than these suggestions, you can always shoot us an email, at and ask us anything.

5 Anything else?
No snails, or pixels were harmed during production of this title.

  • “ Steady on! My lord wishes you to return from whence you came from! ”Sir Sluggard
  • “ If you BREAK my LANCE, I BREAK your HORSE! ”Count Fury
  • “ We are just normal Knights. Relatively speaking. ”You
  • “ Ahright, lass! T'seems to be yer lucky dey. I'll join yer troupe! ”Sir Shamrock
  • “ This is my castle and your pathethic troupe will not pass, I am afraid. ”The Duchess of Gildern